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What is the best Gaming Monitor – Buying Guide & How to find cheap prices


There are millions of professional gamers in the world today that do their best to win games and gain experience. No longer just a game but a way of life, playing different games represents a substantial investment in the day of tomorrow. This is the reason we are not surprised to see so many people search for additional devices, designed to fully enhance the gaming experience. One of the most important additions to a gamer’s life is the monitor he or she looks at during every moment of the game. There are many products on the market that deserve your attention, which in fact make the selection process pretty darn difficult. This is why you need to read the present buying guide, in order to determine which model should become a daily source of clarity while playing. How to find the best gaming monitor? Well, let’s learn a couple of things about the current top rated models and thus find with ease your next visual interface to success and quality results.

The gaming monitor needs a good frequency (Hz) in order to display crystal clear pictures. There are 60 Hz, 120 Hz and FPS monitors. In the last couple of years, 120 Hz monitors have dominated the market while the more traditional 60 Hz remained with a restricted fan base. What is a Hz (hertz)? Well, a hertz measures the cycles per second, period in which the monitor refreshes the image. A 120 Hz monitor refreshes two times faster than the 60 Hz monitors, letting your eyes relax better, enjoying the pictures with more comfort. The relation between the monitor and refresh rate must remain a productive one, in order to create an enhanced viewing experience, without the presence of problems whatsoever.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Monitor Type Touch Screen Rating Where to buy

BenQ Official Major League RL2455HM

24 $$$ LED No A+ AMAZON

Dell Computer E-Series E2414Hr

24 $$$ LED-Lit No B+ AMAZON

ViewSonic VX2452MH

24 $$$ LED-Lit/LCD No A AMAZON

Asus VX279Q

27 $$$$ LED-Lit No B+ AMAZON

Samsung S24C770T

24 $$$$$ LED-Lit YES A+ AMAZON


Because most games have a strong storyline, packed with action and lots of quests, you need a monitor that can keep track with your actions. So, it is recommended to have a monitor with 120 Hz, capable of maintaining the images smooth.


How to find the best gaming monitor?


We still can’t offer a quick answer to this answer because we are not done. Another important aspect of a gaming monitor is the panel or user interface, which usually comes as TN or IPS. According to present statistics it seems that TN is the most common panel, found on approximately 90% of monitors. Cheap and easy to handle TN panels come with a short response time (MS). In direct link with the present top LED back-lighting options, TN panels deliver a smooth brightness and consume less energy. Some specialists pointed out that TN panels display ugly color shifting during different viewing angles and even some inconsistencies around the picture. Still, when it comes to color accuracy TN panels work pretty fine. IPS panels are the new breed of technology which are more expensive and consume more power. In regards to precise color reproduction, IPS panels work way better than TN panels. It offers an incredible viewing experience, irrespective of the angles.


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Time to choose a high quality gaming monitor, designed to redefine you watch games development! Your gaming world will register a significant boost, and implicitly you will be able gain experience and win games! Why shouldn’t you step into the light of winning streak no matter of the game played?


Top rated gaming monitors in 2014


Looking at the present gaming mania, it comes as no surprise to see so many people look for great electronic devices capable of enhancing the whole experience. Today, a growing number of people want in their homes a professional gaming monitor, bent on enriching the visual pleasure while playing games. The market is now filled with a lot of models, designed to become a permanent addition to a person’s media life. How do you distinguish the good ones? In order to correctly answer this question, you need to read some of the latest best gaming monitors reviews in 2014, and thus obtain reliable info on a possible product.


BenQ Official Major League gaming monitor RL2455HM


It is very important to have on your desktop a powerful gaming monitor designed to meet your gaming needs, day and night. Now, you have the possibility to use one of the most popular gaming monitors in 2014 from BenQ, RL2455HM. The official Major League gaming monitor is a 24 inch work of art, packing some of the most advanced options out there: Black eQualizer, Display Mode, RTS Mode, Smart Scaling and also an impressive 12M:1 dynamic contrast ratio for heightened visual receptivity. Skilled gamers will appreciate the functionality of the Black eQualizer color engine technology which manages to deliver advanced level of control and superb visibility.

Any pro gamer understand the importance of advanced gaming monitors, and so do I. This is why I invested without hesitation in RL2455HM, a device that managed to fully redefine my experience. One thing is certain: this monitor significantly improved my gameplay, giving me better control and precision during each phase of the game.” – Jason Reddings

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Dell Computer E-Series E2414Hr LED-Lit Monitor


Best Gaming Monitors ReviewsIf you are into graphic design or you are just a dedicated gamer you need to have a top class monitor fitted to your PC so you get the best video possible. One monitor you could go for, which has the right capabilities is the Dell E2414Hr which is LED-Lit. With it you will have a better video performance and a lower energy consumption. The width of the monitor is 24 inches more than enough for an ideal video experience. While it has high performances don’t think it will lack anything in the durability department, because this monitor will be on your PC desk for quite some time. The environment today is a delicate issue and this is why this monitor is Eco friendly and also Energy Star qualified, doing its part to limit your energy spending and also not damaging the world around it.

“The Dell E2414Hr has proven to me so far that it is as reliable as its descriptions says and has managed to give me the possibility to watch movies or play games with a top video experience. Combined with my reliable sound system I feel I am teleported in the world of the game I am playing or movie that I am watching.” – Thomas Joachim

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Acer G276HL Gbd Widescreen Monitor


A nice design and some top video features are present with the Acer G276HL which is a new generation PC monitor. You will be astonished with its 1920 x 1080 resolution that will show you natural like pictures, making movie watching on it that much better. To some monitors handling fast moving images like fast action movies or PC games is too much and the blur effect sets in, but this is not the case with the G276HL because it has the great advantage of supporting a fast 6ms response time. Also the fact that it is a 27 inch LCD monitor should prove very attractive to gamers especially. Easy and fast compatibility is provided by the DVI input and also the VGA input. For picture quality you should only know that it has a 100 Million:1 contrast, superior to many other monitors.

“Regular monitors are between 21” and 24” in width and I wanted to go a step further when I purchased the Acer G276HL 27” monitor. I am captivated every time I watch a movie on its screen and recommend it to other people which are searching for a high quality monitor.” – Andy Larkin

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ViewSonic VX2452MH LCD Monitor


If you want the ultimate visual experience from your monitor then you should seriously consider getting the ViewSonix VX2452MH 24 inch display. The slim design is another nice touch to it, not taking a lot of space on your PC desk. With it you will have stunning Full HD pictures so you can watch movies or even play games in a superior video quality. Motion blur is a tough issue with many monitors but the ViewSonic VX2452MH doesn’t have this problem because the response time is one of the best you can find, 2ms. A bonus feature is the fact that it is fitted with 2 built-in 2W stereo speakers. The HDMI inputs allow you to connect it easily to other devices and still have Full HD capabilities. And to top it all off this 24 inch monitor has a very affordable price, which makes it accessible to a lot of people.

“One of my friends recommended this monitor to me and after checking out its capabilities I decided to go for it. To my satisfaction it has turned out that I have made a very good choice and it helps me a lot, because I am a graphic designer, when I have to take my office work back home.” – Adam Hughes

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Asus VX279Q monitor


Every professional gamer understands the importance of having a high quality monitor, bent on delivering vibrant pictures and smooth video functionality. According to the present best Asus gaming monitor reviews underline the efficiency of VX279Q, a model that simply enhances your daily gaming experience. This model comes with full high definition AH-IPS LED display which creates an enjoyable visual pleasure. Furthermore the gaming monitor includes 178 wide view angles with a high quality frameless design that delivers edge-to-edge brilliance and enhanced picture clarity. You should also know that the monitor features a DisplayPort, HDMI/MHL and D-sub for various connections thus expanding the whole gaming tone.

“So I make my special designed gaming PC complete, I wanted to buy a top monitor for an overall amazing gaming experience. The ASUS VX279Q gave me exactly what I was looking for and based on its stunning picture quality I recommend it for anyone’s computer.” Henry Ward

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Dell E2414H monitor


Top rated gaming monitors in 2014Do you want on your desk a high quality and powerful monitor? Well, if you do, then you should learn more things about Dell E2414H, a monitor designed to enhance the gaming experience. This 24” inch screen monitor will find its place with ease on your desktop. This high resolution and high definition gaming monitor comes equipped with all the visual features, needed to let you perform without problems. Furthermore this model from Dell is environmental friendly, complying with the latest environmental and also safety standards imposed by the federal government. Receiving high marks from the current best gaming monitors reviews in 2014, this particular model is what you need on your desktop.

“I recommend this monitor because it is a very affordable and a high quality solution for any gamer. It certainly has a good size, with its 24 inch diagonal, my games are displayed in a stunning quality and to this point I haven’t found any weakness related to it.” Mike Thomas

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AOC e1659Fwu  monitor


Sometimes it’s important to have a professional and high quality monitor for your gaming needs. Towards this end, you should consider using AOC e1659Fwu gaming monitor with 16 inch resolution, which is more than enough to play games or enjoy other sources of entertainment such as movies, documentaries, concerts or TV-shows. Being one of the current top rated gaming monitors in 2014, this particular model has a slim design and beautiful outlook. The model is USB 3.0 connectivity system for continuous power flow. It also features a bright panel which permits you to select with ease the brightness levels, thus enhancing the right visual experience during games.

“I had a lot of monitors to choose from for my home use and finally I decided on this monitor form AOC. Even though it is not very large, I liked its intresting design and also I must point out that the picture quality is very good. I find it ideal for playing games in my spare time.” Geoffrey Peters

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BenQ XL2420TE monitor


Are you searching for a high quality and efficient gaming monitor? In your quest towards finding the best model from the ones available on the market, you should consider with more attention using BenQ XL2420TE gaming monitor. This model includes ZeroFlicker technology that manages to maintain a comfortable visual pleasure during long gaming session. This 24-inch professional gaming monitor that model has 1 MS high performance once the game starts and ends. It includes 144 Hz and also Nvidia 3D vision 2 ready which, as you can imaging, significantly enhances the whole experience. The model incorporates FPS mod, Intuitive OSD and RTS mode for additional visual stimulus.

“The BenQ XL2420 for me was a very good choice and with it I can enjoy my games even more. All the games look much better with this monitor and this can only please me. If you want to invest in a gaming monitor I seriously recommend taking a look at this model.” Jack Vaughn

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Samsung S24C770T monitor


With a professional and advanced gaming monitor you will be able to have heightened control over your game development. To this end, you should consider using without reservations Samsung C770 S24C770T LED-lit monitor, which guides through a complete visual experience. The model has a sliding tilt stand that permits you to adjust screen by up to 55 degrees in order to create a great gaming performance. Furthermore the monitor includes wide viewing angle of around 178 degrees and also with built-in speakers for a complete visual and audio feel during any game. This 24 inch monitor is more than a great investment to your gaming world.

“Samsung never ceases to amaze me with the excellent designs of their monitors. This one I choose as my personal one and it has both the features and the looks for being a top gaming monitor for sure. Games look much better than before to me and this makes me play with even more motivation.” Ben Froom

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